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Debate Club Finals 2019


To enrich the experience and skills of our scholarship students, Developing Scholars sponsors Debate Clubs in both Antigua Guatemala and also in Coban to service the rural areas where we operate. These students learn research skills, how to formulate a convincing argument, and valuable presentation skills while they debate topics of relevance to their country and their lives. This program is let by a local lawyer and her colleagues who volunteer their time for this program. The four finalists compete for the Shelley Cup and are awarded a laptop computer that they can use to further their studies.


Debate Club Finalists 2018

Debate Club Finalists 2018

English Clubs

English Club Participants 2019

English Club Participants 2019

Recognizing the importance of English to their future opportunities, Developing Scholars started offering English Clubs to it’s students in 2019.

In Antigua, a trained English teacher offers an after school program for middle school students who have chosen to improve their English skills.

In Coban, the centre of our rural scholarship program, our program is more ambitious. With some extra funding that started in 2019 we are now able to employ a full time English teacher. These classes are available to middle and high school students in the area who have made the choice to improve their English skills. We are already seeing positive results of these programs and expect higher levels of English proficiency by these students as the programs continue in future years .

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